we raised a total of $4,152.32 for our first ever crowdfunding project in 2018

Mettamorphosis is excited to announce

we raised a total of $4,152.32 for our first ever crowdfunding project in 2018

The money raised will go directly to two schools educating refugee children in Kuala Lumpur, who fled from the Chin State in Burma due to religious persecution. Without basic rights to education in Malaysia, these funds will ensure refugee children continue to grow and learn. Thank you for your support!

“We are hoping to raise enough money for at least 12 Chin refugee children to be enrolled in school for a whole year as well as to keep the two schools we support running. Every child has a dream and for refugee and stateless children, having access to education is so important because it keeps their dreams alive.” 

Co-founder Marilyn Metta

Keeping Dreams Alive


Charge Forward

Supporting stateless people and refugees

Mettamorphosis Inc. was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation working towards alleviation of the personal, social, institutional and educational adversity faced by refugees worldwide.

Our aim is to support the needs of displaced children

We undertake work at the grassroots level, through local cross-cultural education programs in Australia and direct provision of funding and resources for stateless Chin refugee children living in Malaysia

We believe that every child has the right to feel safe and to receive an education

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The Chin Story

The Chin community faces ongoing religious persecution from the military government in Myanmar forcing hundreds to flee their homeland each year. Despite escaping these atrocities, they face tremendous new challenges as stateless citizens in neighbouring countries such as finding employment, housing and the education for their children.