What drives us is simple



The right to feel safe and free, and

the right to education is a fundamental human right for every child.

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Feeling Safe & Free Program

Thank you to QBE Foundation for supporting our Feeling Safe and Free program. We are grateful to be one of the Inclusion winners of the 2022 QBE Local Grant. The grant will allow us to bring the Feeling Safe and Free program to young people across WA.

We are delighted and grateful to be one of Westpac Foundation 2021 Safer Children, Safer Communities grant recipients for the Feeling Safe & Free program led by our Founder, Dr Marilyn Metta. The seed funding has allowed us to undertake community consultations and listened to what young people have to say and what they need to feel safe and free.


Hidden Voices Research Project

Hidden Voices is the first focused study of the impact of children and young people’s experiences and exposure to domestic and family violence (DFV) and coercive control in Western Australia. The research project also focuses on young people’s stories of resistance and resourcefulness.

This research project is focused on children and young people (aged 9 to 24)’s experiences of living with and/or exposure to coercive control, intimate abuse and family violence in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in WA.

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Project Insights

The research aims to provide new insights into the nature and prevalence of young people’s exposure to intimate abuse and family violence and the impacts of the exposure, and how we as a community can better respond to their needs. It also aims to give voice to culturally diverse young people’s stories and experiences of resistance, survival and resilience through intimate abuse and family violence. The project has two components – an online survey and a book project.


Understanding through Participation Project

Understanding through Participation Project is a national educational research project which incorporates the award-winning documentary film, How I Became A Refugee as a creative storytelling tool to create social change. Since its launch, the social change program has been introduced into over 100 schools across Australia and engaged over 4500 high school students with over 80% success rates in improving social inclusion and cross-cultural competency amongst young people.

Educational Documentary

‘How I Become a Refugee’

‘How I Became A Refugee’ is an educational documentary produced by Marilyn Metta and Chris Gosfield which is available to the public as part of an awareness-raising project for Mettamorphosis