Mettamorphosis and Australia Chin Youth are thrilled to introduce an impactful initiative – the HEAL Chinland Project.

“Our mission is to ensure the Chin people of Myanmar have access to healthcare and education, despite the ongoing violence and human rights violations.

Join us in this mission to heal and empower the Chin community. Together, we can make a difference.”

Rubi Ni Chin (Project Leader & Mettamorphosis Co-chair)

What is the HEAL Chinland Project?

HEAL stands for Health, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership.
This project is spearheaded by young Chin individuals in Australia, aiming to support the Chin community in Chinland, Myanmar.


Chinland, also known as Chin State, is located in Western Myanmar, bordered by Bangladesh and India (Mizoram). The Chin people are indigenous to this region, with a rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant traditions.

Why the HEAL Chinland Project?

On February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military junta staged a coup, triggering a devastating humanitarian crisis that has severely impacted the Chin people. Continuous military airstrikes and arson attacks have displaced millions, turning our once peaceful home into a war zone.
The numbers are staggering – over 2.8 million internally displaced people and 18.6 million in need of humanitarian assistance in Myanmar.
“This project is important to me because the Chin people face a crisis due to a lack of access to healthcare and education. They require access to clean water and sanitation facilities. The fundamental right to healthcare access for all has been denied, and I am eager to get involved in alleviating this issue.”
Lairam Rahtin (Project Leader)
Pictured above providing a dental check-up. 

What does the HEAL Chinland Project do?

The project has two key components:
1. Raising Awareness (Advocacy team)
Young Chin people in Australia, in partnership with Metamorphosis, are committed to spreading awareness about the crisis in Myanmar.
2. Providing Support (Ground team)
A dedicated ground team of young Chin individuals from Australia are working together with local communities to deliver essential healthcare and education to refugees and internally displaced people.


Together, we aim to restore some of the fundamental human rights that have been stripped away from the Chin people of Myanmar.

How can you help?

There are two simple ways to get involved:
1. Spread Awareness: Advocate for our cause in your community – whether at church, school, work, or sports clubs.
You can also join our advocacy team across
the different states in Australia.
To join our team email, and we will connect you with a local youth leader.
If you are a student wanting to raise awareness at school, we would love to support you, whether it is a bake sale, raffle, run for a reason or more. 
2. Donate: Your financial support is crucial. Donations can be made online or in cash at authorized events.
All contributions are tax-deductible and directly benefit those in need.
Donation Details: Metamorphosis Inc.
BSB: 036 078 | Account Number: 623 958
Description: HEAL Chinland Project
Email for receipts.


Your donation isn’t just about giving—it’s about making a lasting impact where it’s needed most. We focus on reaching small Chin communities often overlooked by larger humanitarian organizations. Your contribution directly benefits these resource-limited communities, creating significant, tangible change for individuals facing extreme hardship.

Health Initiatives

Our ground team works closely with local health workers to provide essential healthcare services. With your support, we can sustain vital programs like our mobile health clinic, offering health checks and immunisations. Our dental clinic addresses oral health needs, and donations fund crucial medications, immunisations, and medical supplies for wound care and other treatments.
We hope to acquire essential medical equipment such as thermometers, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, portable x-ray, wheelchairs, crutches, water filters, patient transport services and more. 

Educational Support

Many displaced children and young people lack access to basic education. Your donation can provide school uniforms, nutritious lunches, and essential school supplies. Contributions will also support building schools, libraries and learning spaces, creating safe environments for education.
Furthermore, we invest in training and upskilling local healthcare and educational staff, empowering communities with essential knowledge and skills.

Your support makes a real difference. Thank you for helping us transform lives.

Consider a Sponsorship

Sponsorships ensure that our project is sustainable and continues to make a lasting impact. Sponsors can contribute to a wide variety of health and educational initiatives. There are multiple tiers of sponsorships available. The listed initiatives are not exhaustive, the projects will be expanded and led by the needs of the local community.
Sponsor essential medical equipment like hospital beds, bedside testing devices or contribute towards a portable X-ray. 
Fund a mobile health clinic or a dental clinic for a day. This includes medical and dental equipment, transportation, as well as health and dental checks.
Provide clinical supplies, a hospital stretcher, or sponsor transportation of critically-ill patients to a larger health centre.
Deliver access to clean water by sponsoring water tanks, filters & pumps, purchase a wheelchair or provide multi-vitamins for vulnerable populations.
Fund school lunches for a month, provide sanitary products for women and girls or supply toothbrushes, underwear, and warm clothing.
 Businesses are encouraged to explore corporate sponsorship opportunities. For more information, please contact us at Your support is invaluable to making a real difference.

Stay Connected

Stay updated with news and events by following us on Facebook and Instagram at @HEALChinlandProject.

Our mission is to ensure the Chin people of Myanmar have access to healthcare and education, despite the ongoing violence and human rights violations.


Young people are advocating and working to provide essential services and support.
Join us in this mission to heal and empower the Chin community. Together, we can make a difference.